Get to know the Varisty Coaches


Coach Ryan Evans


Years at WHS:

Graduate from: Dakota Wesleyan University

Coaching Responsibilities: Head Coach

Coaching Background: 1st year as Head Coach for the Warriors. Coaching for 18 years with 11 years as head coach. Evan's was SD Coach of the year finalist in 2011 and State Region's 6 coach of the year in 2014

Family: wife Kelly, daughter Elin and twin boys Kale and London

2009 Augie Celebrity Camp

Assistant Varsity Coaches

Coach Jeff Fitzgerald


Years at WHS: 7

Graduated from: University of Sioux Falls

Coaching Responsibilities:

Defensive Coordinator

Coaching Background: 18th year coaching with stops at Lincoln HS and the University of Sioux Falls




Favorite Part of Coaching: 

The relationships you are able to build with the players as well as the other coaches

Family: Married.......with children!


Coach Jason Stahlberg


Years at WHS: 12 years

Graduated from: Flathead HS; University of Sioux Falls
Coaching Responsibilities: Varsity Linebackers
Coaching Background: 13 years coaching experience (Defensive Line, JV D-Coordinator, Linebackers)
Favorite Part of Coaching: Working with student athletes and taking part in the Warrior Football Tradition
Family: Wife Laura and children: Emily, Logan, Jack, and Katie

Coach Michel Freriches


Years at WHS: 6

Graduated from: University of Sioux Falls

Coaching Responsibilities: Varsity Defensive Backs and Head Coach of Junior Varsity

Coaching Background: 

Volunteer coach for one year at University of Sioux Falls

Favorite Part of Coaching: Helping the athletes become better people on and off the field. I enjoy seeing the players become successful.

Family: Parents Michael and Sandy Frericks; Brother Brian 19; Sister: Hayley 17; Girl Friend Natalie Blazier (dating for 6 years)


Coach Tommy Hofer


Years at WHS: 5

Graduated from: Dakota State University

Coaching Responsibities:  Quarterbacks and Wide Receivers

Coaching Background: Started coaching atheletes in '07 with the Air Attack Accademy

Favorite Part of Coaching: I get to be part of the amazing progam at WHS and also help atheletes reach their highest potentional 

Family: I am the favorite uncle to 9 nieces and nephews

Coach Ryan Schlieman 


Years at WHS: 3rd

Graduated from: South Dakota State University 

Coaching Responsibilites: Defensive Line Coach

Coaching Background: 10 years of experiece from 7th grade to Varsity levels at 4 schools

Favorite Part of Coaching: The family environment with players and coaches from all types of backgrounds. Watching kids realize that hard work pays off

Family: Married to Ashley, daughter Madilynn ad son Jack

Coach Lance Siebenahler


Years at WHS: 6

Graduated from: Augustana College, Pipestone, MN (HS)

Coaching Responsibilities: Varsity Wide Receivers & JV Offensive Coordinator

Coaching Background: 6 years at WHD, 2 years at Augustana College (Football, TE's), 10 years at Edison Middle School (various sports)

Favoirte Part of Coaching: Seeing the growth of not only every individual but also the team. Being able to be apart of so many lives and hopefully being able to make a positive impact


Coach Seddie Aware


Years at WHS: 1

Graduated from: South Dakota State Univerity and Washington High School, played football for both

Coaching Responsibilities: Varsity Defensive Backs

Coaching Background: First year Volunteer Coach

Favoirte Part of Coaching: I have a strong passion for the game and want to help kids succeed and meet their goals on becoming a better player

Family: wife Jordan and daughtr Aliya

Coach James Johnikin


Years at WHS: 1

Graduated from: University of Sioux Falls and University of South Dakota; SIoux City West HS

Coaching responsibilites: Varsity Wide Receivers and JV

Favorite part of Coaching: Connecting with people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Learning how to get to the best from seeing them progress, meet their goals, and having fun

Family: Wife Kate and children: Alex , Liliana , Cierra and MIchael  

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